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MiPic Vest

Introducing Ube Gym vests & Pillows – available now

Mobile Art

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Mobile Art

Profile page updated with some of my artwork.

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3D DIY Masks

wintercroftBeagel winter croft


Brilliantly designed 3d mask templates that can be easily assembled at home. Link

Absolut | Andy Warhol Edition

andy warhol edtabsolut andy warhol bottle

In 1986, Andy Warhol was the first artist to create an original artwork for Absolut saying, “I love the bottle, I want to do something…”

The Warhol edition is black with blue, pink and yellow details – replicating Andy Warhol’s original Absolut Warhol painting. The bottle was developed together with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The limited edition features approximately four million bottles, which will be distributed world-wide starting in October 2014.

PaperBoy Wine

PaperBoy Wines

The wine with a paper bottle!

I love this idea and the branding just adds to it’s unique concept. LINK

Tangent app

fragment app

Robot Devil – Kidrobot x Futurama

kid_robot_devilFrom the underworld of a salmonella plagued New Jersey amusement park comes the Futurama Robot Devil. Pick him up at Kidrobot’s NYC store LINK

The Lost & Found

The Lost & Found

The Lost & Found which has been shortlisted for the Bar and Restaurant Design Awards 2013,  work by Arm and Eye LINK