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How a little toy dinosaur is made

So much work can go into toys, you could forget! LINK

Time Lapse mixture of colors

FABERGÉ Interactive Egg Display at HARRODS

Jewelry brand Fabergé has commissioned creative agency Justso and Projection Artworks to develop an stunning visual virtual egg for display at Harrods London.

PAPERTROPHY: Unique Papercraft Art

Inspired by the classic animal trophies these paper creations are astonishing designs, sure to turn heads.


3D DIY Masks

wintercroftBeagel winter croft


Brilliantly designed 3d mask templates that can be easily assembled at home. Link

fragment app

IMRAM Irish Language Literature Festival 2013

On Monday October 14th 2013. DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) Visual Communication students will be exhibiting their billboard designs for IMRAM (IMRAM Irish Language Literature Festival) 2013. The word IMRAM can mean a ‘voyage of discovery’ and the festival takes its audiences on a magical journey that reveals the depth and diversity of modern literature in Irish, through eclectic and imaginative event programming that fuses poetry, prose and music in lively venues. The billboards are a typographical interpretation of Irish language literature texts. Keep up to date on Facebook & I’ll be posting the posters!! LINK

Evil Spirits Vodka


Evil Spirits is a new premium spirits line that is painstakingly crafted to be sinfully enjoyed. St. Bernadine was tasked with package design and a media kit for the launch.

Smell the Equality

Dublin pride LUSHLUSH, the makers of hand-made cosmetics, have joined forces with Marriage Equality and Dublin Pride to bring a sweet smell of success to the campaign for marriage equality.

Throughout Pride Week (June 21–30) LUSH will have on sale, Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion (€16.85 for 240g) and Dorothy bubble bar (above, €3.50) – funds raised will be split between Marriage Equality and Dublin Pride to help fund the continued campaign for equality for same-sex couples and the Dublin Pride festival. LINK

Presidential Monsters

Vote for more blood & brainsssss


20130130-232741.jpg link